Replacement Refs

After last night’s Sunday Night Football matchup between the Patriots & the Ravens, Brandon Spikes had some choice words for the replacement refs. If you’re going to take a fine for “inappropriate” tweeting, you may as well make it worth it with a tweet like this.

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Everything’s Bigger In Texas

I appreciate the enthusiasm for moving to Texas and joining a new team, but seriously, that is the picture you post to show off your new, size 17 cowboy boots?!? It’d be pretty damn hard to try and take a picture where you look like more of an emotionless ogre. C’mon, Chris!


 Life after jail appears to be going well for Floyd Mayweather. Just another day, counting stacks on the PJ.

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NY Giants Hazing

A few NY Giants players are in a bit of heat after punter Steve Weatherford posted this video on Twitter, showing Jason Pierre-Paul carrying cornerback Prince Amukamara through the locker room before tossing him into the cold tub. Whether it’s fun & games or hazing, probably not a smart move to post this online.

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Tweets From the Cold Tub

Our tagline isn’t “…Did I just tweet that?” for nothing. Brian Smith from the Bucs posted this tweet & Instagram photo this morning, claiming to look “like an A-rab” in the cold tub during training camp. The tweet & photo quickly disappeared from his account.

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Nut Shot

That old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” was clearly invented before the animated gif, because this animated picture says a hell of a lot more than 1,000 words. Batum unleashes some frustration on Navarro by bringing the hammer down…right in the groin.

Ochocinco Headbutt

With Chad Johnson & Evelyn both MIA in the Twitter-world, athletes are starting to make their best guesses at what happened during the whole headbutt fiasco.

Josh Cribbs sounds like he’s got a wife who can hold her own in a headbutt duel, while George Wrighster tries to play Clue and solve the mystery.

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This tweet doesn’t come from an athlete, but hey, for Samuel L Jackson, we’ll make an exception.

Anyone else think tweets like this should put Samuel in the running to commentate for Rio 2016? A Samuel L/Ryan Seacrest combo could be hysterical.

If that first tweet wasn’t enough to convince you that Samuel L. Jackson is a better option than Bob Costas, maybe this tweet will do the trick.


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Stuff NFL Free Agents Say

Anthony Adams, an NFL veteran, decided to put his free time to good use with his own version of a “Shit ___ Say” video. Check out his take on NFL free agent life.

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In-Flight Entertainment

Kevin Love managed to snap a photo of his fellow Team USA basketball stars (including Coach K) passed out on the long flight across the pond.

One would guess that those two fuzzy caterpillars on Anthony Davis’ forehead would keep him warm enough, but apparently he still needed a full-sized comforter for the trip.