• Everything's Bigger In Texas

    I appreciate the enthusiasm for moving to Texas and joining a new team, but seriously, that is the picture you post to show off your new, size 17 cowboy boots?!? It’d be pretty damn hard to try and take a picture where you look like more of an emotionless ogre. C’mon, Chris!

  • Nut Shot

    That old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” was clearly invented before the animated gif, because this animated picture says a hell of a lot more than 1,000 words. Batum unleashes some frustration on Navarro by bringing the hammer down…right in the groin.

  • In-Flight Entertainment

    Kevin Love managed to snap a photo of his fellow Team USA basketball stars (including Coach K) passed out on the long flight across the pond.

    One would guess that those two fuzzy caterpillars on Anthony Davis’ forehead would keep him warm enough, but apparently he still needed a full-sized comforter for the trip.

  • Snuggie Swag

    Hey, if you’re gonna be that guy posted up in first class with a zebra Snuggie & Dre Beats, you may as well embrace it! #SwaggedOut

  • Lewis Vewtawn


    I think the general rule is: if you can’t spell Louis Vuitton, you don’t deserve to own it.