• Replacement Refs

    After last night’s Sunday Night Football matchup between the Patriots & the Ravens, Brandon Spikes had some choice words for the replacement refs. If you’re going to take a fine for “inappropriate” tweeting, you may as well make it worth it with a tweet like this.

  • NY Giants Hazing

    A few NY Giants players are in a bit of heat after punter Steve Weatherford posted this video on Twitter, showing Jason Pierre-Paul carrying cornerback Prince Amukamara through the locker room before tossing him into the cold tub. Whether it’s fun & games or hazing, probably not a smart move to post this online.

  • Tweets From the Cold Tub

    Our tagline isn’t “…Did I just tweet that?” for nothing. Brian Smith from the Bucs posted this tweet & Instagram photo this morning, claiming to look “like an A-rab” in the cold tub during training camp. The tweet & photo quickly disappeared from his account.

  • Ochocinco Headbutt

    With Chad Johnson & Evelyn both MIA in the Twitter-world, athletes are starting to make their best guesses at what happened during the whole headbutt fiasco.

    Josh Cribbs sounds like he’s got a wife who can hold her own in a headbutt duel, while George Wrighster tries to play Clue and solve the mystery.

  • Stuff NFL Free Agents Say

    Anthony Adams, an NFL veteran, decided to put his free time to good use with his own version of a “Shit ___ Say” video. Check out his take on NFL free agent life.