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So that whole “organic tweet” discussed between the agent, Nokia, & ESPN just went out the window as Desean includes the entire text sent to him. Next time, just use the quoted part, Desean.

UPDATE: Okay, I guess we’ll be a little more clear: DO NOT include the quotes either! That means you, Vince Young.

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Teammate Trash Talk

What started out as a single tweet from Chargers CB Quentin Jammer, turns into an all-out Twitter battle between himself & teammate Antonio Garay.

The “short arms” tweets from Jammer definitely remind us a bit of  T-Rex Trying.

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Snuggie Swag

Hey, if you’re gonna be that guy posted up in first class with a zebra Snuggie & Dre Beats, you may as well embrace it! #SwaggedOut

Athletes of Walmart II

Unlike Delonte West’s extreme excitement at the white tee selection at a Super Walmart, Aaron Williams decided to go for a late-night Instagram tour of his local Walmart. After hitting up the Luchador mask, hunting, and children’s bike sections, these are the results: Athletes of Walmart II.

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Good Kayaking Words

Is “kayaking” the new planking or Tebowing? It’s starting to catch on thanks to Aziz Ansari’s AMEX Commercial, and now Nate Burleson.

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Lewis Vewtawn


I think the general rule is: if you can’t spell Louis Vuitton, you don’t deserve to own it.


Mötley Brew

John Axford claims to be a “Mustache and Film Aficionado” on his Twitter bio, but apparently has a knack for 80′s rock costumes as well.
Good looks, Brewers. When is the Mötley Brew tour?

Scooby Sketch

We weren’t too sure what to expect after that first post, but Manny Arceneaux (WR for the Vikings), came back with a top-notch Scooby Doo sketch.

Who says you can’t be just at drawing as you are at running routes?

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Cake Boss

This might take the cake (literally) for “best athlete birthday cake”. Take a fresh pair of Jordan 11s and turn it into a NY Giants-themed birthday cake? Pretty sweet.

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B.I.G. on Ice

People joked about “Hologram Coachella 2013″, but I think we’re onto something here. You can’t tell me that performance of “California Love” wouldn’t get the Staples Center rockin’ right before the puck drops.

Plus, if NJ drops both games at home, “Going Back To Cali” could become their new rallying cry.